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Bend spatula Access

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● Precise:  A soft touch and ergonomic handle
● Smart:  22cm stainless steel blade - perfect for smoothing icing or / and finishing coating
● Useful:  Soft touch silicone end ring to hang the utensil


About the product

Transform your cooking with this bend spatula !

Transform your cooking with this bend spatula !


Draw: Complete the most delicate baking and cooking tricks thanks to the clever design

Present: glaze chocolate, smooth icing and coating thanks to the 22cm stainless steel blade

Arrange: Move, compile, present small cake pieces with ease


Top chef tip: For a perfect glazing finish, pour the preparation from the edge to the middle of the cake and smooth it from the inside to the outside


This bend spatula is composed of:

- a stainless steel blade

- a Soft Touch handle

- a Soft Touch ring

Technical features



Stainless steel and silicone finish

Heat resistant 220°C

Length: 37,5 cm

Dishwasher proof

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