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Master Coach Ultra Wi-Fi smart body fat scale

This Wi-Fi smart body fat scale concentrates all technologies needed for a healthy and sustainable weight loss.

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Aloha Aloha, the Wake-Up Light for gentle mornings

Light is a natural signal in humans for waking up and going to bed. Aloha offers tailored, light-based programs to wake you up naturally and help you fall asleep faster.

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Dreamer The sleep solution to improve your nights

Discover the mobile sleeping aid. Fall asleep faster and naturally thanks to Dreamer.

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All eyes turn to Terraillon innovations. Find out what the press says.

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The hundred-year-old brand Terraillon offers mechanical and electronic weight scales, kitchen scales, a baking utensil collection, and a selection of connected devices to make your life easier everyday.

It’s your turn; choose your Terraillon wellness partner!