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Terraillon Showcases Full Line of Connected Wellbeing Devices at Ideal Home Show 2016



London, 10 March 2016 – With the 108th edition of the Ideal Home Show just around the corner, global houseware brand, Terraillon, is gearing up to introduce its full line of connected devices to help users achieve a complete monitoring of their health and well -being. Key highlights include Web Coach Easy View, a connected body composition analyser; NutriTab, a connected nutritional kitchen scale; Activi- T Band, a connected wellness activity tracker and Tensio Screen, a combined heart rate and blood pressure monitor.


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Terraillon’s modern innovations from their related wellbeing series will also be on show at the stand: R-Link, which is probably the world’s smallest impedance measure custom essay company meter and NutriSmart, the leading nutritional system of its kind that automatically identifies food.


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