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Spatula Access

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● Precise: an ergonomic and design handle in soft touch

● Multipurpose: right and round angle

● Useful: a silicone ring to hang up an ustensil rack



About the product

Transform your cooking with this spatula!

Transform your cooking with this spatula!


Arrange: prepare the most tricky recipes using this intelligently designed spatula.


Garnish: shine at every stage of your recipe using the rounded side to mix or the straight side to smooth, unstick or scrape.


Scrape: don't lose the slightest bit of your mixture, and also avoid scratching your pans thanks to the silicone finish.


Put it over the heat: finish off your preparation at high temperature without wasting time changing utensils thanks to its ultra-resistant silicone.

Cook like a top chef: for icing, first pour the preparation on the top then in the middle of the cake and smooth out from the inside outwards.



This spatula is composed of:

- a silicone base

- a Soft Touch handle

- a Soft Touch ring

Technical features



Soft touch and silicone finish

Heat resistant 220°C

Length: 31 cm

Dishwasher safe

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