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Macaron+ Re-Cycle Coquelicot

Electronic kitchen scale

Including 0.06€ of eco-share. WEEE
Soon available

● Shell made from 70% recycled plastic
● Dynamic scaling
● Auto-off function
● Tare function
● Liquid conversion
● Integrated handle
● Wide tray


The shell of this scale is made from 70% recycled plastic. The plastic, from the waste of consumer products, is recovered and then transformed into small balls. These balls are then reused for the plastic injection of the shell of the balance.


- Thanks to the TARE function, the different ingredients can be added consecutively to the bowl - the user simply presses "Tare" between each new ingredient so that the scale returns to zero.
- Thanks to the AUTO OFF function, keep control of your scale and set the screen lighting time yourself (30s, 60s, 180s)
- With liquid conversion, weigh both wet and dry ingredients in the same bowl.


Thanks to the dynamic scale, the weight of your food will be measured to the nearest 0.5g for all weighings less than 1kg. Ideal for dosing small quantities!

The integrated handle on the back of the scale ensures easy transport. The non-slip feet, meanwhile, guarantee your peace of mind when weighing.


About the product

Macaron+: the favorite kitchen scale of the French*

Macaron+: the favorite kitchen scale of the French*
Inspired by the famous French dessert, the MACARON+ RE-CYCLE scale by Terraillon is colourful, precise and practical.
The MACARON+ RE-CYCLE POPPY scale has been designed in a more responsible approach with its shell made of 70% recycled plastic, while keeping in mind to delight you with its gourmet and decorative matte red design.

Technical features
  • 5KG
  • 5.1 x 2.2 cm LCD screen
  • Dynamic graduation 0.5g(3-1000g)/1g (1001g-5000g)
  • Tare function
  • Customizable automatic shutdown
  • Integrated handle
  • 70% recycled plastic platform
  • 20.2 x 22.1 x 2cm
  • 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Conversion g/ml/lb.oz/fl.oz