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Body Connect

Connected body scale

Including 0.21€ of eco-share. WEEE
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  • Analysis of weight and Body Mass Index, as well as your body composition (fat, muscle, bone and water mass) to find the right balance
    Connected to the MyHealth application for long-term monitoring of key indicators
    Advanced connectivity: up to 8 smartphones connected simultaneously
    Bluetooth connection
    Large glass top
    Maximum capacity: 160Kg

Body Connect connects via bluetooth. Ideal for fast data transfer and low power consumption.
Body Connect analyzes your weight, your BMI and your body composition: fat, muscle, water and bone mass. Especially useful when tracking your weight to shed the bad pounds (fat) while maintaining muscle mass.
Body Connect connects via Bluetooth to the MyHealth application, available on iOS and Android. Set your goals and benefit from a clear, simple and fast interpretation of your results in the app.
Body Connect can be connected with 8 smartphones and/or tablets simultaneously. Convenient if each member of the family has their own smartphone.
About the product

Body Connect calculates your weight and your Body Mass Index (BMI). The latter allows you to evaluate your weight according to your height and thus define your target weight goal. Body Connect also analyzes your body composition (fat, muscle, bone, and water). Connected via Bluetooth to the MyHealth app, set your goals and benefit from a clear, simple and quick interpretation of your results in the app.
Technical features
  • Maximum capacity 160KG
    Graduation 100g
    Compatible with iOS (8.0 and above) & Android (4.3 and above)
    8 users
    4 weight sensors
    3 x AAA (not included)