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Results for " Bathroom scales " category

Activi-T Band Black

Apple Corer Access

Arm blood pressure monitor

BA2000 Pop

BA22 Silver

Carré stainless steel

Coaching minceur

Color Coach Quattro

Corne à pâtisser Access

Cream bag Access

Cuillère Access

Cuillère Premium

Cuillère doseuse Premium



Eden Pink

Fouet grande taille Access

Fouet grande taille Premium

Fouet silicone Access

Fouet silicone Premium

Frosted Macaron + Timer


Guides d'installation rapide


Ice Cream Scoop Access

Kit Bol multifonctions Premium

Kit Rouleau et Tapis Premium


Macaron Frosted & Bowl

Macaron Meringue

Macaron One

Macaron One Cherry

Macaron One Yuzu

Macaron Plum

Macaron Strawberry & Bowl

Macaron inox

Macaron inox Liquorice

Macaron inox Yuzu

Melon Baller Access

My Cook 15 Stainless Steel


Nautic up

Neocook Jam Keep Calm blanche

Neocook Jam Keep calm white

NutriTab Black


Peeler Access

Pelle à tarte Access

Pinceau Access

Pop Color Coach

Pop First

Pop First White

Pro 15

Pro 5

Pèse bébé évolutif





Râpe Access

Spatule Access

Spatule Premium

Spatule coudée Access

Storage Box Set Premium

Suprême 10 KG

T1040 Detox

T1040 Detox red

T1040 Detox yellow

T1040 Jungle


TX1500 Grey

Tamis Access




Thermo Distance


Tpro 2100

Tpro 3100

Tpro 4000 White

Tpro 5200

Tpro 5300

Tpro 6200

Tpro 6300

Tpro 6300 et toise

Tpro Plus

Trad 500 Pop Cream

Trad500 Red

Trio Care

Web Coach Fit Anthracite

Web Coach Form

Web Coach Prime

Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach Sleep


Window Coach

Wrist blood pressure monitor

Zesteur Access

Électrodes adhésives corporelles

Enregistrer un produit


Where to find the serial number of your appliance?
For kitchen and bathroom scales, it is in the battery compartment or underneath your product. For connected activity tracker bands, it is on the underneath of the band. For pedometers, it is underneath the charging port. For blood pressure monitors, it is on the bottom of the product.

Devices compatible with synchronisation

Download the full list of compatible smartphones

Here is a list a main compatible smartphones. Please refer to the link above for full list:


Requires iOS 8.0 or later version.
Requires Android 4.3 or later version


Why don't Terraillon connected products synchronise with all Smartphones?

Terraillon uses Bluetooth Smart (4.0) technology for its whole range of connected well-being products, the main advantage of which is longer battery life. Although many Smartphones do have a Bluetooth Smart or Smart Ready chip, terminals equipped with older Bluetooth chips and which therefore cannot communicate with the Smart Bluetooth still exist. Terraillon is working to make a growing number of Smartphones compatible, especially Androids, which require a specific development for every terminal. Get regular updates about the synchronisation compatibility of our connected products with new Smartphones.


Download the Wellness Coach app



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