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Web Coach Smart Kit

The best partner to keep the form 

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  • Analyse your weight and BMI
  • Connected to the Wellness Coach app for long-term monitoring of key indicators
  • Up to 8 smartphones simultaneously
  • Bluetooth connexion
  • Large glass platform 
  • Big LCD screen
  • Max capacity : 180kg
  • Activity tracker included 

About the product

Web Coach Smart analyses your weight and your Body Mass Index.

Web Coach Smart analyses your weight and your Body Mass Index.

The body scale can be connected with 8 smartphones and / or tablets simultaneously. Handy if each member of the family has his own smartphone. 
Web Coach Smart connects to the Terraillon Wellness Coach app available on iOS and Android. Set your goals and get free advice scientifically validated to reach them. 

Moreover, ActiviT-Smart allows a complet analysis of your activity (steps, walking distance and calories burned). Waterproof, it's the best partner for all sport activities. 


Technical features


Max capacity 180 kg

Graduation 100g

Up to 8 users




iOS (8.0 and more) & Android (4.3 and more)



Automatic switching on and off

Electronic weighing


Activity tracker with USB port included 



Glass platform

Batteries 3 x AAA (not included) 

Product dimensions : 30 x 30 x 2,8 cm

Packaging dimensions :  43,2 x 33.2 x 3,9 cm

Weight (Net/Gross) : 1,9 /2.4kg





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