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Tall whisk Premium

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● Precise: an ergonomic and design handle in stainlesss steel 

● Efficient: Long arms (19,7cm) to aerate your recipes

● Useful: a silicone ring to hang up an ustensil rack        



About the product

Transform your cooking with this tall whisk!

Transform your cooking with this tall whisk!


Mix: use this clever utensil to make all your prep ingredients one - in no time at all!


Entertain: prepare delicious dishes for 2 or for 10, works well in large containers.


Whisk: take advantage of the longer wires for dishes that need to be light and airy!


Beat: maintain the right rhythm thanks to the slender handle that guarantees excellent grip.

Cook like a top chef: for whipped cream, use small, quick movements from left to right with the whisk.



This ultra-durable whisk is made up of:
- stainless steel wires
- a suspension ring

Technical features



Product finish: Stainless steel and silicone

Heat resistant 220°C

Dishwasher safe

Lenght: 33 cm