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Pro 5

The essential kitchen scale for professionals !

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  • Professional use scale
  • Large stainless steel tray

  • Totally protected against dust and water (IP67 standard)

Exceptional quality

Bake, knead, beat, mince, simmer, season, cook without complex with the professional scale Pro 5, it will resist any test, it meets the IP67 standard, which ensures its waterproofness up to 1 meter under water and ensures a resistance to the intrusion of all dust or residues.

A high precision

Liquids or solids, this professional scale will allow you to weigh all your ingredients, separately or not, thanks to liquid conversion technology. All you need to do is to use the tare function between the addition of each ingredient.

A practical professional scale

The compact size of this electronic kitchen scale fits perfectly in any kitchen, whatever their size. Compact but effective, if we must remember a lesson from this scale, it is that appearences can be leading !

About the product

Technical features


Capacity 5kg

Precision 1g 



Tare function

Auto/Off function

Unit function



Batteries: 2 AAA (not include)

Product dimensions: 24,5x5x18,5

Packing dimensions : 31x10,5x28

Net/gross weight:  1,7kg / 2,1kg