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Multi functionnal bowl kit

Reinvent your cook with 5 in 1 product


Soon available

● 5 in1 product: one bowl, several functions thanks to its 4 accessories
● Space saving: different accessories gathered in one bowl
● Large capacity: a graduated bowl: 3L (capacity maximum)
● Precise: 2 pouring spouts to pour easily your preparation


About the product

Transform your cooking with this set of bowls!

Transform your cooking with this set of bowls!


Get lucky: don't leave it to chance - use these ultra-practical bowls to cook any dish.


1 - Mix: prepare any dish without making a mess, thanks to the anti-spray, non-slip cover of the stainless steel  bowl.
2 - Reheat: select the ideal cooking style with the silicone bowl - perfect in a bain-marie and the microwave.
3 - Separate: separate yolk and white easily using the egg separator.
4 - Set aside: leave your dish to rest while keeping a close eye on it through the transparent cover.
Cook like a top chef: put everything inside the bowl then close using the anti-spray cover to keep your utensils clean.


This kit includes:
- 1 stainless steel 3 litre capacity bowl with pouring spout
- 1 0.5L silicone bowl
- 1 anti-spray/anti-slip cover for the stainless steel bowl
- 1 yolk and white egg separator
- 1 transparent cover 

Technical features



Product finish: Stainless steel and silicone

Heat resistant 220°C

Dishwasher safe

Microwaves resistant: silicone bowl only

Product dimensions: 27x27x13,5 cm