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BA 2000 Vintage

Back to the 70's

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Limited edition of a scale exhibited at the MoMA

  • Integrated 1L reversible container
  • 2kg capacity
  • Designed by Marco Zanuso


A scale that has become a classic

The compact and rectangular design of this scale is known buy every French people as the grand-ma scale. Since then, things changed, excepted the BA 2000 kitchen scale. The vintage collection brings it up-to-date in its brightest red. 

A world-famous design

All began in 1966, when Paul Terraillon met for the first time the famous designer Marco Zanuso in Milano. Their collaboration becomes quickly apparent and will lead to the creation of several devices, one of which was the mechanical kitchen scale BA 2000. Its compact and ingenious shape will quickly become the must-have in every kitchen during the 70's but also apart of the MoMA's exhibition. 

A vintage home

Practical thanks to its included bowl, efficient thanks to its dial easy to read, and most of all, precise, that's the BA 2000 kitchen scale, but not only ! The BA 2000 will also give the final touch to your kitchen's design with its unique design and bright red. 

About the product

Iconic : since the 70's, the BA 2000 mechanical kitchen scale has its special place in our kitchens

Iconic : since the 70's, the BA 2000 mechanical kitchen scale has its special place in our kitchens
Stylish : vintage is trendy for interior decoration, sublimate your home with the limited edition of the kitchen scale exihibited at the MoMA since 1969
Practical: Thanks to its manual tare function and to its 1 Liter capcity bowl, weight all your ingredients in a single container
Compact: wash your container, return it on your BA 2000 and your mechanical kitchen scale is ready to be stored even in the smallest spaces. 
Technical features

Performance :
2kg capacity
Precision 10g

Functions :
Manual tare function

Technical specifications: 
Product dimensions: 17.7 x 12 x 17.2cm
Packing dimensions: 18.6 x 12.8 x 12.8cm
Net/gross weight: 0.55kg / 0.68kg

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