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  • Where can I download the Wellness Coach app?

The Wellness Coach app is available on iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play). It is not available on Windows Phone.


  • Is there a website where I can check my data?

Synchronization and consultation of data from connected devices Terraillon is only possible via the Wellness Coach app.


  • Is the Wellness Coach app free?

Yes the Wellness Coach app is free.


  • Is the Terraillon app compatible with all smartphones?

The Wellness Coach application is compatible with the following models:

- iPhone 4S and later (iOS 8 and later)

- iPad 3 and later, iPad Mini (iOS 8 and later)

- iPod Touch 5th generation (iOS 8 and later)

- Android 4.3 and later. Bluetooth 4.0 is required (see list on


  • Do I have to create an account to use the Wellness Coach app?

Yes, account creation is required to use the application. This is particularly useful to find your data if you change your smartphone / tablet. Any personal information you will be required to transmit to Terraillon is subject to the provisions of Law No. 78-17 and Freedoms of January 6, 1978 relating to data, files and liberties. As such, you have a right to access, correct and delete personal information about you. To do so, at any time, please send your request by mail or email.


  • Can I use the same email address for all users?

To ensure the confidentiality of data between users, each account must be created with its own email address and password. If some users do not have a personal email address (eg children), know that you can easily create a Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook email address.

  • Is a valid email address required to create an account on the app?

No, an email address is enough. The application checks only if the email address is not already used. But it is better to use a valid email address to reset your password if you forget it.


  • Is the app available in different languages?

The Wellness Coach app is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. The application uses the language of your smartphone. To change the application language, you must change the settings of your smartphone.


  • If I delete the application or if I change my phone, will I lost my data?

No. Terraillon has implemented a backup system that saves the data of your account on a server. Once you log in with your account, your data are transmitted to the application. The measures are not saved on the phone but on a secure server.


  • Where are my data stored?

Your data synced from your Terraillon products to your Wellness Coach application are then stored on our server in France.


  • How are my data protected?

The Terraillon server is secured and your account protected by a password. Your measurements (weight, blood pressure ...) are not used by Terraillon or donated to a third party for commercial or non-commercial use. Only your email address may be used by Terraillon only through information campaigns.


  • Is it possible to enter data manually if I do not have the product?

Yes, it is possible to manually enter weight data, blood pressure, heart rate or food via the "+" button on the dashboard. Just enter the measurement and date.




  • How many users can use the Terraillon bathroom scales?

The scales Web Coach One, Style and POP can recognize an unlimited number of users. Weight assignment to the corresponding profile is made by the application. You must still ensure that all users have a different weight (at least 2 kilos of difference). If two weights are similar, the app will ask you to assign data manually to the corresponding user.

On Web Coach Fit and Web Coach Easy View, the maximum number of users is 8 people.


  • How many smartphones can be synchronized with Terraillon scales?

The scales Web Coach One, Style and POP can be synchronized with only one smartphone / tablets at a time. In the case where there are several users, smartphone serves as a receptor for all members and all users must therefore be logged in on this smartphone. Other users can then view their data on their own application. Therefore we advise you to synchronize your Web Coach with the home tablet on which all the accounts are logged in.

On Web Coach Fit and Web Coach Easy View, you can sync up to 8 smartphones / tablets simultaneously.


  • My body masses have not been transmitted to the application, why?

When you weigh yourself, be sure to stay still on your bathroom scale until the end of the process. Once the weight is displayed, the BIA logo flashes on the screen. You can get off once it has completely disappeared. Please also weigh yourself barefoot (without shoes, without socks, without tights).


  • I have a large weight difference when I weigh myself, why?

Be sure to weigh yourself on a flat, hard surface (wood or tile type). Please don’t weigh yourself on carpet or a rug.




  • How many users can use the Terraillon blood pressure monitors?

The Terraillon blood pressure monitors can be used by multiple users. The assignment of data is done manually within the application.


  • How to read data from a blood pressure monitor?

The numbers displayed on the monitor is composed of 2 or 3 digits, you have to rounding before announcing a standard blood pressure.

Example: 118/66 corresponds to a blood pressure of 12/7 and 113/65 corresponds to 11/6. Above 5 is rounded to above and below 5 is rounded underneath.

Systolic blood pressure, the figure above, should not exceed 15.

Diastolic blood pressure, the lowest figure, should not be greater than 9.

Heart rate is expressed in beats per minute.


  • Is it possible to have a history of my data?

All data synchronized with the application are available on the app itself. In addition, each blood pressure monitor has 60 memories available on the screen.




  • How many users can use the Activi-T Band?

The Activi-T Band can only be used by a single user. The data is then synchronized with the current profile on the Wellness Coach app.


  • How to synchronize data with my application?

Once your Activi-T Band is synchronized with your application, you simply make a pressure on the button of the Activi-T Band to trigger data synchronization. Make sure your application is open and the Bluetooth activated.


  • How to active sleep monitoring?

Before bed, keep pressing the button for the Activi-T Band. It will begin to vibrate and a moon icon will flash on the screen, the night mode is activated and sleep analysis begins. In the morning, repeat the procedure to disable the night mode.


  • How to recharge my Activi-T Band?

You can recharge your Activi-T Band on a USB port of a computer or a phone charger. Be sure to connect it in the correct direction, the battery icon will begin to flash on the screen. The charging time is approximately 90 minutes.


  • How are the data calculated?

The vibrations that your body makes when you walk are transmitted to a sensor which analyses them. Depending on your size, your weight and the time between two steps, the Activi-T can determine the distance in kilometers and calories burned.


  • How to set the clock on my Activi-T Band?

The Activi-T Band retrieves information from your smartphone. Once synchronized, the time will automatically update.